Getting on Top of Roofing Problems!

Getting on Top of Roofing Problems!

Top-Quality Roof Cladding for Chiswick Homes

Whether you prefer wood or uPVC roof cladding, we’ve got excellent services to offer you in Chiswick. At New Roofs And Plastics, we cover locations throughout London, including Fulham and Kensington, providing roof cladding of the highest quality. This cladding adds protection to your roofline, safeguards the structure, and can eve offer better thermal protection, depending on the chosen thickness. Call us now to find out more.

What We Offer

New uPVC Cladding - Wood Cladding - Wood-Look Cladding - Wide Choice of Styles and Colours - Rot-Free Installations - Low-Level Maintenance

Upgrading Your Cladding?

If you’re considering top-quality uPVC roof cladding, look no further than our team.